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"[Netsymm] provides a simple way to get information and order items without having to go back and forth with suppliers - due to the time difference.”
-Kavita Ré
Pomika Sales
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Order Processing
Receive orders 24/7 online. Orders get checked and processed automatically into supplier’s ERP system.
Alerts & Notifications
Send real-time order status such as created, in-process, invoiced, shipped -along with shipment tracking information.
Top ordered items
View products that are frequents ordered to allow ease of re-ordering.
Reorder Processing
Easily change quantities or products and reorder previous orders to bring up sales.
Return Processing
Initiate returns and allows suppliers to accept, partially accept or reject the return based on the product.
Collaboration Tools
Automated data exchange to buyer on purchase order status, inventory supply and e-invoices, reducing invoice disputes by up to 30%
Browse supplier catalog and place order
View order history for simple re-ordering. See real-time inventory.
Order Processing
Place orders 24/7 via phone, tablet, desktop. Orders get checked and processed automatically into supplier’s ERP system.
View categories and products trending, and a list of most recent POs and messages.
Multiple reports display supplier list, POs, products, and invoices. Dashboards and reports are configurable.
Seamless & cost effective integrations
NetSymm offers productive cost effective integration to large and small ERP systems.
Sales Automation
All orders in one platform
Retail Automation
Order anywhere, anytime
NetSymm Salesperson App
Allows sales reps to browse and place orders on behalf of multiple customers.
NetSymm Buyer App
Browse suppliers’ catalog and place order with ease
Discover new products and brands
  • Search Product Catalog
  • PO Status Updates
  • Make payments & reorder with ease
  • Pay Invoices online
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