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Why digitalization is critical for restaurant and grocery store buyers

With COVID-19 disrupting daily life as we know it, the two years have been challenging for the restaurant and grocery store industry. It’s critical that the food industry now adapts to the “new normal.” As restaurants and grocery stores continue … Read More

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Create a seamless shopping experience for customers

As much as supply chain tension is top of mind for you, it doesn’t have to be for your customers. Being transparent with inventory levels can help manage customer expectations early in their shopping journey. NetSymm can show what is … Read More

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What tactics beyond paid ads can you use to drive brand discoverability?

With advertising becoming more expensive and giving less return, we asked our customers what tactics they are using to drive discoverability. Here are five tactics we heard about.Influencer Marketing – has been used for decades. With this tactic, the goal … Read More

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Digital order management solutions drive supply chain efficiencies and result in higher sales

After a year of supplier shortages, demand fluctuations and increased operating costs supply chain leaders have TWO choices — either maintain the status quo and hope for the best, or reevaluate their business model to ensure they can weather the … Read More

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Your customers need to stock up now for the holiday season

We are fast approaching the holiday season. Retailers would normally already have their goods on hand in distribution centers, stores, and any other channels they may use. … Read More

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Getting online will continue to be an imperative

It may be hard to imagine or even remember, but as little as 12 months ago, some of the biggest food and beverage makers still had no DTC channels. Brands that traditionally dominated supermarket shelves didn’t want to risk alienating chain store clients by starting to sell directly to consumers online. … Read More

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See three of the latest B2B eCommerce reports – that highlight a proven method to grow your sales

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See NetSymm in action – the next era in B2B eCommerce

A B2B online order platform can help you grow your sales! We invite you to watch a short NetSymm demo and book a 15-minute session with us to help you understand: – The simple, yet poorly understood way to capture … Read More

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