Prepare for the next era in B2B ecommerce
Order management and invoice management
Netsymm Order Express is a self-service eCommerce business platform for your customers to securely place orders 24x7.
Start selling online now.
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Prepare for the next era in B2B ecommerce
savetime gainendtoendvisibilty
Eliminate manual order entry
Save time and gain end-to-end visibility
Netsymm Order Express is a B2B ordering platform that actively eliminates errors, automates sales orders, and sends order and shipment updates.
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“We tried many sales solutions, but they didn’t work for a variety of reasons.
Then we found NetSymm and knew it was the real deal.
Our order entry errors went down by 30%”

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“NetSymm has helped me streamline my orders directly into QuickBooks.
Everything is entered automatically, and this saves me hours of mundane, error-prone,
data entry tasks daily, and gives 24×7 online convenience to my buyers.”

“I think the most useful thing I am noticing is the inventory management part of Netsymm.
Before I used to have endless excel sheets that I would have to keep updating.
Now my buyer can log on 24/7 to view what is available to ship.”

Orders simplified
Integrated with WooCommerce and Faire, NetSymm consolidates ALL orders in one place.

  • Pick items from a catalog
  • View cart and Convert to order
  • View order history
  • Access visual dashboard and report
  • View B2B, B2C, and marketplace orders
  • View and pay invoices online
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We have got all that you need at Netsymm

Supplier List

Choose from a list of suppliers, view supplier product catalogs and pricing.

Dashboard & Reports

View charts with categories and products trending, and a list of most recent POs and messages Multiple reports display buyer list, POs, products, and invoices. Dashboards and reports are configurable.

Real Time Updates

Send real-time order status such as created, in-process, invoiced, shipped - along with shipment tracking information.

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Order Processing

Customers can place orders 24X7 via phone, tablet, desktop. Orders get checked and processed automatically into your ERP system

Reorder Processing

Allows customers to easily change quantities or products and reorder previous orders. This brings up sales.

Return Processing

Allows customers to initiate returns and allows suppliers to either accept, partially accept or reject the returm based on the product

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