Supply Chain Management

Top Four Trends Changing The Future Of  Food Retailers and Restaurants

There seem to be new technologies that disrupt our universe daily, and COVID-19 has led to new ways to place wholesale orders online. Like numerous other industries, the restaurant and retail store sector has significantly changed how it does business.  Many … Read More

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How To Negotiate Discounts From Your Suppliers And Distributors

Cost negotiations between suppliers and restaurant or retail store¬†management are rather usual. What are the ideal techniques? What are deals, and how do you define them to get the correct inventory cost? Different strategies, such as ordering in huge quantities … Read More

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The Five Basic Components Of Retail Store And Restaurant Supply Chain Management

In our daily life, you hear about the supply chain through news or media, especially when it is not working correctly. Does it ever come to your mind how this supply chain affects restaurants and retail stores? Or how does … Read More

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