9 ways procurement automation can optimize your business
Procurement is an essential part of any business, from the manufacturing industry where raw materials are needed in order to operate, to the service industry where indirect procurement provides necessary supplies and equipment. The process often involves managing a large
8 Benefits of Sales Order Automation
How your business is processing sales orders directly affects your Order to Cash process. If you are still stuck in an outdated, manual process you are at risk of ultimately driving down your overall profitability and customer satisfaction. Fully-managed automated
From EDI to web services–the evolution of eCommerce
Take a look at the cost comparison for in-house vs. hosted EDI integration models As the number of internal business applications are growing rapidly, companies must maintain external EDI compliance to keep revenue flowing. You know it’s time to upgrade
Digitizing your Supply Chain
If you’ve ever purchased so much as a printed t-shirt online, you understand eCommerce. Understanding how to make it work for your manufacturing or distribution operation is an entirely different story. It’s where commerce — and your competition — is headed. The world is shifting
The Rewards of Digitization in Procurement
The way we interact and collaborate with one another changes as the rules of engagement between buyers, suppliers, and partners change. Digitization represents numerous challenges, but it brings many benefits to your business as we move forward. Despite realizing the importance
Begin Your Digital Supply Chain Journey with Sales Order Process Automation
Enterprises planning to transform their legacy supply chain infrastructure need to carefully prioritize their initial moves to accelerate their digital transformation journey. It would be a smart move to focus on early quick hit wins to build momentum and get
Has Your Enterprise Made the Leap to eInvoicing?
More and more organizations across the globe are adopting eInvoicing solutions. This is partially due to legislation in certain countries, making it a legal requirement to invoice electronically. The growth in eInvoicing can also be explained by the fact that
The Six Benefits of Purchase Order Automation
Perhaps the biggest benefit of Purchase Order Automation for supply chain executives is that it helps to free them from repetitive manual processes — such as purchase order creation — so they can focus on more important tasks. A recent article posted on LinkedIn