5 Signs It’s Time to Modernize Your Supply Chain Technology
Supply chain applications have changed so much during the past decade that using yesterday’s applications could be stopping your business from achieving its full potential.
What is the Cost of Doing Nothing?
What is the Cost of Doing Nothing? Going Digital is Critical for Manufacturing and Distribution Businesses It’s more important than ever for manufacturers and distributors to automate their supply chains, or pay the high costs associated with not going digital.
Top 5 metrics For best-in-class supply chain operations
Top 5 metrics for best-in-class supply chain operations As suppliers and distributors continue to strive to fulfill orders accurately and on-time, there are 5 keymetrics best-in-class operations pay attention to. Evaluate how your operation stacks up. 1. Order receipt accuracy
Five reasons the current pandemic is forcing businesses to move to online ordering
Now is the time to implement a single cloud based B2B eCommerce platform The current pandemic is forcing businesses to allow their employees to work from home. Businesses are working with less staff and trying to reinvent themselves to gain
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Each year, we see technologies used for supply chain management shift and change. As we kick off the new year, IDC has looked at the top predictions for what’s next for the supply chain industry. Digital transformation
Get out of the app graveyard – Move to a single eCommerce platform
Imagine one platform for e-commerce, order fulfillment, inventory management, and invoices, complete with customizable dashboards and reports. An eCommerce platform goes beyond omni-channel, putting the customer experience first, breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a single eCommerce platform. We will be
Are You Manually Placing Orders to Your Suppliers?
Are You Manually Placing Orders to Your Suppliers?   Are you manually placing orders to your suppliers each week?  Getting local suppliers to stock your shelves is beneficial, but there are a lot of hassles with the ordering process. You
Procurement automation is the foundation for better business decisions
What if you had a procurement automation solution to connect all your suppliers quickly and easily? What if you had complete visibility to all your purchase orders and invoices? Retailers today are digitizing their order process to: Get all their
The Pain of Manual Ordering at a US Food Distributor
A US food distributor is unable to grow due to manual order processes   A US food distributor is struggling to process orders manually. Part of their business is selling to the end users like retailers and restaurants and part
Are Manual Orders Damaging Your Business?
  Manual order entry is damaging and expensive for your business.  Verifying the order needs costly headcount and is error-prone.  Incorrect order entry leads to returns and conflicts with your customers – a real hassle and a relationship breaker. NetSymm