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How To Achieve Transparency In Supply Chains

It should come as no surprise that customers want more information about the basis of their products in an age where news headlines frequently discuss human rights violations, global warming, supply chain problems, and product and food shortages. The following … Read More

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Customer Self-Service Buying with a B2B eCommerce platform

Self-service portals might be advantageous for your wholesale food and beverage business; as well as for your retailers and restaurants that are ordering from you. B2B self-service portals enable your company to streamline processes while giving your customers the resources … Read More

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Food Suppliers And Distributors Are Moving To eCatalog Software To Make Online Ordering Simple For Their Customers

Food suppliers and distributors are moving to eCatalog software to simplify online customer ordering. When customers have access to easy online ordering, they will pay more attention to those suppliers and distributors than others. There are many factors and features … Read More

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The Digitization of the Food Industry – Why Restaurants and Retail Stores Should Use Online Ordering

There have been many developments in the food sector over the past few years, but the digitization of restaurants and retail shops may be the most significant. Restaurant and retail shop owners are utilizing this trend that is overtaking the … Read More

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The eCommerce boom is a key driver in Supply Chain Software

The shift to online shopping is another driver of supply chain uncertainty right now, and it’s pushing companies to reimagine their distribution networks. When eCommerce was in its infancy, for example, a retailer with six DCs was likely planning store … Read More

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Why 70% of Food and Beverage Suppliers will fail by 2023?

Why 70% of Food and Beverage Suppliers will fail by 2023If they don’t move to a B2B e-Commerce platform?What can your food and beverage business do to overcome today’s industry challenges? First and foremost, it’s crucial to know your buyers … Read More

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Four Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

Here are four supply chain predictions for 2022 from Forbes. They anticipate increased spending on Supply Chain technology in 2022 with the cloud to increasingly become a common tool for smaller businesses as it is for larger organizations. #cloud #technology #supplychain #orderprocessing … Read More

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Top 3 AI Solutions Suppliers and Distributors Should Consider Implementing this Quarter

Artificial intelligence (AI) was valued at USD 3.07 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 29.94 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of over 45.77% during the forecast period, (2021 – 2026) for the Food and Beverage market.Changes in consumer … Read More

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