There seem to be new technologies that disrupt our universe daily, and COVID-19 has led to new ways to place wholesale orders online. Like numerous other industries, the restaurant and retail store sector has significantly changed how it does business. 

Many individuals are nervous about these changes, but businesses that understand how to benefit from them greatly benefit.

In this post, we will discuss the four most significant developments affecting the restaurant and retail business sector in 2022. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate how you may profit from these developments in 2022 and beyond.

Digital Transformation

It’s no mystery that the food business is undergoing a digital makeover. To adjust to the new reality, restaurants and retail stores are adopting new technologies like planning and scheduling, inventory control, and food monitoring systems. Many restaurants and retail stores have even introduced automated technologies like messaging services to check bookings, inform customers of modifications to their eating experience, and even sell to consumers with new discounts.

Customers are expecting to be able to reserve tables digitally. In turn, restaurants are expecting to order food items from their suppliers and distributors digitally. Ignoring the industry-wide digital change is a likely recipe for failure in the future.

Online Ordering is Here to Stay

Online ordering became, of course, one of the significant developments throughout COVID-19. More restaurants and retail stores are now providing online orders via their web page or an app, thanks to apps like the NetSymm Buyer app.

Many restaurants and retail store owners still use self-order screens, table-based payment, intelligent Pos machines, and Barcode buying even within their businesses. These kinds of contactless ordering methods are here to stay. Customers are still going to prioritize security and cleanliness in the post-pandemic environment.


Customizing every aspect of your items through online ordering is amazingly simple. Customers want personalization and customization from their restaurants as a consequence. Customers want options such as where they dine, how much they can modify their food, and the opportunity to add items to their booking – for instance, how they can add champagne or flowers to their table for special moments.

In addition, restaurants and retailers would like to ensure that the ingredients in their meals and items they carry in their stores are of the highest standard and freshness, bringing us to our final item on this post.


We have noticed a growing dedication to sustainability during the last several years. Customers are anxious to make decisions about their purchases to improve the environment; this awareness applies to the food they consume. Restaurants and retail stores will lose a lot of business if they fail to adopt sustainable measures like reducing food waste, shopping locally, and doing away with single-use containers.

Although these changes provide difficulties, they also present enormous opportunities. Deciding to install digital technology in your restaurant and retail store will help you save a lot of time and money.

At NetSymm, we offer a simple, quick and convenient way to handle your wholesale orders. You will maximize efficiency and minimize errors up to 80 percent as soon as you download our app. Search for NetSymm Buyer from Google Play or the App Store. Less food waste results in fewer errors and more satisfied customers.

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