With COVID-19 disrupting daily life as we know it, the two years have been challenging for the restaurant and grocery store industry. It’s critical that the food industry now adapts to the “new normal.”

As restaurants and grocery stores continue to manage rising demand and supply chain issues, efficient operating procedures are critical. Many buyers still use outdated spreadsheets to manage their orders, but this costs a great deal of time and effort.

The good news is that the digital revolution hitting the food scene streamlines the ordering process. Now, buyers and suppliers can communicate and order online with ease.


We all know about online ordering systems like DoorDash, UberEats or InstaCart, but the ones that exist for the restaurant or grocery store buyer and supplier relationship are less known...

So, what are the benefits of having an online ordering system?

  • Managing your orders from suppliers online saves you tons of time
  • You can order and chat with all your suppliers in one centralized place.
  • You’ll reduce the number of mistakes that come with a manual process
  • Orders are much easier to edit online, making it easier to add/delete items

When you add an online ordering system, you’ll have much more time to invest in your employees, serve your customers, and enhance your overall customer experience.


The NetSymm online ordering app is built for the exact reasons listed above. As a restauranteur or a grocer, you’re able to easily take care of the entire ordering process in seconds–saving you tons of time and cutting down on errors. Digitization of the food industry is here to stay, and while this can be an intimidating shift, the restaurants and grocers that fully embrace it will not only survive but thrive.

If you’re a restaurant chef or a retail store buyer who is tired of error-prone orders and ready to streamline your order process, then go ahead and download our FREE app here on the Google Play or App store, and ask your suppliers to join our network!

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