With advertising becoming more expensive and giving less return, we asked our customers what tactics they are using to drive discoverability. Here are five tactics we heard about.
Influencer Marketing – has been used for decades. With this tactic, the goal is to go wide rather than going narrow. Look for relevant people who are rising influencers in your industry niche with very engaged audiences of 5-6K followers, rather than going after the ones with 100K followers. Reach out to them with a no strings attached approach. Tell them you have something for them and ask them where you can send it. If they like it, they will post it for you.
Instagram Stories – You can also ask people can also post on their Instagram stories and get free products if they post for you. Incentivize your creators and your customers to post for you is the key to unlocking organic growth.
Talk about your brand – going far and wide with your voice is a hidden strategy that works! If you are a founder, talk about your brand as much as possible on platforms like LinkedIn and on multiple podcasts. You will sometimes get picked up by Business Insider or Forbes or Entrepreuner.com which then expands your discoverability. Multiple podcasts talking about how you build your brand leads to an organic strategy of people finding you – since each podcast has its own community.
Look into your customer’s post-purchase experience – What if you can surface your product on another brands’ post-purchase experience by upselling your product on their checkout and vice-versa? This allows you to surface and acquire more customers by collaborating with other brands that do not have any conflict with your products. This benefits the other brand in the same way – a win-win for both brands!
Brand collaboration is another tactic where you can do giveaways collectively with other brands. You can collect emails from multiple brands into one single master email list. By doing this repeatedly, maybe once or twice a month, you can increase revenue. Think about it as “Features” in the music industry – which works like a charm. This captures interest without the cost of ads.
Don’t abandon advertising completely, but try one or two of these tactics and tell us how it went.

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