We pulled together some industry stats which explains in detail the trends in B2B order processing over the next 24 months. Organizations are investing and adopting B2B ordering for their businesses to be profitably grow in the shortest amount of time with the highest capital efficiency.

Our customers tell us that more and more B2B buyers these days are millennials. Based on a Lead Forensics 2020 paper, millennial B2B buyers are looking for an experience that mirrors B2C with easy navigation, fast checkout, speedy shipping, stellar customer service. “The millennial buyer is changing the world of B2B sales! 73% of B2B sales involve millennial buyers.”

We have seen a spike in our customers’ businesses since they implemented our online ordering platform. This is what others are saying too. This 2021 Trend outlook: E-Commerce for food and beverage industry by Sana says “Food and beverage businesses don’t need just any old web store; they need an online sales portal that is fully integrated with the source of all your vital business data and logic: your ERP. This brings up sales by 33% in 6 months.”

Multiple reports say the same thing – that over the next 24 months – businesses are digitizing their order process and  investing in B2B eCommerce and customer self-service. The March 2021 A State of Commerce report from Salesforce says ”71% of companies will invest in B2B eCommerce and 66% will invest in customer self service online over the next two years.”

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