Food suppliers and distributors must take control of their sales order cycle. Doing this can keep an eye on sales and profit. It will help you grow your business and make more sales. As a business owner, you need to take complete control of your sales cycle to help you know the ups and downs of your business and where you can make improvements.  Here are some features that can help you to take control of your sales order cycle.

Total control of your sales order cycle

Single view

Gain a clear overview of all B2B sales orders, which you can explore, classify, and rank for analysis.

Order tracking system

From purchase order entry through client billing, paying in invoices and delivery, sales orders and invoices may be readily seen, updated, and tracked.

Catalog management

Your back-office product management can be done via NetSymm, where you can update product information, pricing, sale info, and make products active and inactive as needed. Categorize products into categories, sub-categories and sub-subcategories as needed.

ERP integration

Sales orders that have been accepted can be seamlessly incorporated into your back-end ERP system to guarantee prompt order processing.

Quote to order

NetSymm Order Management software facilitates the rapid acceptance and transfer of sales bids to sales orders.

Custom workflows

Approval procedures in NetSymm Order Management software are customizable to your order processing style.

Sales order management software that is easy to adapt

Price list 

Establish, allocate, and conveniently maintain price lists for your customers, including customer-specific pricing. Input your pricing lists with an ERP connection or configure them directly into NetSymm.

Discount policies

Create and alter discount thresholds, non-discountable goods, tiered pricing and more.

Campaigns and special offers

Create customized offers to advertise specific items via upselling and cross-sell campaigns, using relevant visual cues and business analytics to emphasize the items in the catalog. New items, promotions and sale items can also be promoted.

In-store transactions

Arrange, collect, and handle all in-store transactions executed by your field representatives, including quotes, sales invoice, returns, inventory verifications, and any other custom purchases you handle.

Flawless fulfillment

Different distribution centers are supported to centralize orders across all storage facilities, multiple delivery addresses, and orders divided by date/source/destination. Delivery dates can also be configured per buyer.

Custom workflows

Product returns, for example, may be directed immediately to your ERP system without any manual involvement and credit memos will be generated automatically.

Order-to-cash insights to run your business better

Slice & dice your order-to-cash

NetSymm Order Management software delivers valuable insights into order fulfillment challenges, top and bottom-performing items, consumer purchasing habits, and other topics. We have all the analytics available at your fingertips.

Omni-channel analytics, dashboards, and reports

Evaluate channel efficiency to optimize and advertise the proper sales marketing channels for your B2B customers. Show dashboards and reports for all products and categories that are trending.

Sell-through visibility

Acquire access to product sell-through at your retail locations to make educated manufacturing choices and develop activities to promote “dead” inventory.

Out-of-the-box and custom

Utilize pre-built dashboards and reports, or create your own, to continuously analyze your order-to-cash processes. 


The NetSymm Order Management system integrates with your order-to-cash ERP system to provide a comprehensive view of sales on one platform.

Publish to your mobile sales reps

Statistics and dashboards may be displayed in the NetSymm salesperson mobile order-taking app for your field to your mobile representatives.

Remember that the NetSymm Buyer app for your retail stores and restaurant buyers; and NetSymm Salesperson app for your sales reps are both highly effective for you in managing your orders. You can benefit from these apps to boost your business and grow your revenue.

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