Can sales order management help my business?
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Can sales order management help my business?

5 Reasons you should consider implementing a sales order management system

The impact of sales order management will depend of course on your current sales volume. Businesses will see major operational and revenue growth impacts after implementing a sales order management system:

  • Increase in orders. Because orders are automated and much simpler and faster to create and process you can process more orders in a day
  • Faster more accurate order processing and fulfilment. Instantaneous sync of orders from sales reps or customers directly to the ERP. Order confirmation, processing and fulfilment are immediate, and error rates go down.
  • Reduction in order processing costs. Costs related to phone, fax, email and paper order forms, and man-hours related to order re-entry are reduced.
  • Increase in customer retention. Retailers prefer to do business with suppliers who have a faster, more efficient and modernized selling process.

Convenient dashboards and reports. SOM also arms customers with dashboards for customer intelligence and reporting that elevates their status with retailers.

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