Does this sound like you?
  • You are growing fast and an increase in order volumes is putting pressure on those manual processes that are resulting in a poor consumer experience
  • You grew during the pandemic to more online orders, and your processes are not built for large volumes of online orders
  • Your inventory accuracy is not great
  • It is taking too long to ship orders
If this is you, you are experiencing growing pains and need to look for a modern B2B eCommerce platform that can help you automate repeated tasks and remove human errors, inaccurate data, and reporting.
One of the biggest problems people want to solve is inventory since it is very manual. Centralizing inventory from all your channels allows 98% inventory accuracy. Also, automating your back-office workflows reduces the time to ship.
NetSymm can present your customers with the best B2B online shopping experience. Suppliers can meet the demand for their products by automating the processes of inventory management and customer fulfillment, product and price management, and buyer management. Time to ship can improve as much as 20% with an online eCommerce platform. Customer service teams are no longer having to call customers to give them their order status.
Also, automation is very important in staying lean. We are seeing customers who have been able to increase the bottom line by 40%. It is life-changing and can help you accelerate your business. Wrong items or wrong quantities being shipped can be solved with automation. Any predictable repeatable processes should be automated. It frees up your time to focus on more customer service issues rather than mundane tasks like deducting items from inventory. With all your data visible in one place, you can get rid of spreadsheets and pull accurate reports from NetSymm.
Talk to us and get started with a 30-day free trial now.

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