And cause major inefficiencies within your supply chain.
Are you tired of managing multiple excel sheets for each of your buyers? Are you tired of keeping track of their orders, customer-specific pricing, returns, reorders, credit memos, and more for each buyer? If so, stop juggling unending spreadsheets and move to an eCommerce platform to simplify your life.
Your business deserves a secure, scalable, cloud-based platform, that is beautifully designed, innovative, secure, agile, and fast; one that your customers can use from anywhere 24×7.
Here are five pain points that you can eliminate when spreadsheets go away.
One, order history from all your buyers which was not easily visible, will be visible in one place, anytime, from any device, mobile, desktop or tablet.
Two, orders that are manually entered today, will now go automatically and accurately into your ERP system, saving you time and valuable employee resources.
Three, instead of sending one-off email updates and promos to your customers, you can send order status and shipment notifications along with promos and communications to your customers all from one platform. This will result in higher sales with more engaged and satisfied customers.
Fourth, instead of sending your salesperson to collect a payment, you can send accurate invoices and collect payments securely and easily.
And fifth, analyzing your sales data will become a breeze, with dashboards and reports available at your fingertips. You can see trending products, customer order stats, and total order value.
Above all, eliminating spreadsheets means no more paper orders and a greener operation.
Say goodbye to spreadsheets and run a more efficient operation.
Move to an online order platform.

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