It’s not about just trying to keep up with Amazon. In a Covid-era world, logistics is more important than ever for a brand to survive. The need for robust technology investment is critical.
In order to stay competitive in a world where Amazon exists, fulfillment and customer service (aka the back end of a transaction) must become the shining star, rather than a cool brand marketing and advertising experience. This new demand has forced companies to focus on an aspect of their logistics that they never had to before. While the attention has shifted, I don’t always see the budget follow.
So where should these dollars go? There are three key areas to invest in now to stay competitive:
  • On-demand technology and fulfillment – This is the backend of a transaction rather than the cool brand marketing and advertising experience.
  • Warehouse automation technology – It’s time to modernize with robotics, automated conveyor systems, and warehouse technology that better coordinates humans through their logistics tasks.
  • Supply chain software – a relatively lower lift. And a great place to get started. This involves updating a previously manually managed operation into the 21st century with the basic digitization of order completion and payments and the business analytics of cost and performance. Building this type of technology from scratch is impossible, so use supply chain software companies that deliver this.
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