Mobile technology improvements have given brand owners, suppliers, and retailers more chances to sell, promote and engage with consumers, and a potential to grow like never before. Regarded as a strategic advantage, the well-created smartphone sites, ERP and financial systems, and social media advertising are now considered the main pillars that hold companies together.

B2B organizations quickly realize the importance of digital transformation that have the potential to revolutionize the way they do business.

What is B2B software used for?

If your customers are individual retail stores, retail chains, convenience stores, or wholesalers, you are offering wholesale business-to-business (B2B) pricing to these customers. Selling, advertising, finance, and support software all assist you in offering the best possible service to your company clients – which essentially relates to B2B software. CRM, order processing, marketing software, B2B eCommerce platforms, order management software, unique members-only websites, and customer care apps are examples of B2B technology solutions. 

Use B2B software products that integrate with your CRM and ERP for customer information, stock, purchasing, and transactions into a single platform, according to your retail store or restaurant requirements. And, owing to fast expanding digital applications, B2B platform suppliers are now providing platforms that are simple to work with when you are on the move – as it is to sit at a desk with no limitation on functionality.

B2B Sales Software and the Customer Experience

Without a doubt, B2B solutions are essential for streamlining your business, but what benefit do they bring to your customers? B2B technology helps deliver a smooth customer buying experience:

Allow for self-servicing

According to research, two out of three consumers prefer to help themselves rather than contact a professional to place an order. Additionally, it lessens the stress for your reps, is faster and more practical, and online ordering is 24×7. B2B order management solutions increase your sales,  simplify your order processing, handle inventory, create a knowledge base, and give other services that can save essential time and effort and enhance your reputation. It can analyze data on frequently ordered products so customers can easily re-order. 

Always remember to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and give them what they want. You will be happy you did.

Increase your Sales Reps’ mobility and your customers’ buying experience with the NetSymm Salesperson app and NetSymm Buyer app.

B2B sales solutions are evolving to address flexibility. There is no reason why traveling sales reps should not be able to access all the product information they need from a mobile device or tablet! Place orders immediately, take advantage of upselling chances, check stock levels, send emails, and look up sales and promos and all your customers buying patterns in one user-friendly mobile order-taking program. When you provide your reps with the same sales tools they can access in the office, they can service their clients on the spot without worrying about missing out on an order.

The NetSymm app is the most effective approach for you to handle your orders on the go. You’ll start saving time and minimizing errors as soon as you download the app. Less food waste results from fewer errors, and happier customers follow. 

If you are a salesperson, download NetSymm Salesperson app from Apple Store or Google Play today.  If you are a restaurant and retail store, looking to place orders to your suppliers and distributors, download and use our free NetSymm Buyer app.

If you are a supplier and want to host your catalog online, feel free to contact us today.

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