There have been many developments in the food and beverage industry over the past few years, but the digitization of restaurants and retail stores may be the most significant. Restaurant owners and retail store buyers are utilizing this development that is overtaking the industry in innovative and fascinating ways.

With COVID-19, customers turn to online ordering more frequently to interact with their preferred grocery stores and restaurants. It is easier for them to order food from home and lessens the chance to encounter people. Just like customers are placing orders for food, placing wholesale orders online for chefs and store owners to their suppliers and distributors is also catching on. Digitalization of the food industry can make a massive impact on restaurants and grocery stores.

Here we will discuss how restaurants and retail stores may utilize wholesale online ordering systems to boost sales, simplify their operation and make sure they have the right products at the right time.

How can restaurants and retail stores use online ordering systems for wholesale orders?

Restaurants and retailers using the online system for the customer significantly affect their sales. Statistic from 2019 to 2022 shows that the number of people ordering food online through their phones is increasing. It grew from 36.4 million users in 2019 to 49.5 million in 2022, a 36% rise. Likewise, using online ordering with their suppliers and distributors can make sure they get uninterrupted on-time food item deliveries.

Sixty-one percent of customers claim that using restaurant delivery apps is more straightforward and is their favorite method of placing orders. Likewise, placing wholesale orders is also becoming more common place and a lot of suppliers and distributors are using convenient online wholesale ordering platforms like NetSymm. Consider this trend expanding as more people become aware of the convenience of online purchasing.

Another benefit of online ordering from your vendors is getting access to current sales and promotions and knowing what is available to ship in the supplier and distributor catalog, with more accuracy, less errors and fewer returns.

How can restaurants and retail stores use self-use online ordering systems?

NetSymm and other online ordering platforms are well known, but restaurateurs may not be as familiar with the media that support supplier relationships. Let’s review the advantages of owning an online ordering system before discussing how to utilize one specifically:

  • You may leverage the time you save by organizing your orders from vendors online to provide enhanced customer service.
  • You can place orders and communicate with all of your vendors in one location. You’ll never need to cope with ongoing back-and-forth conversations.
  • You will lessen the number of errors that result from traditional processes like finding sheets in the paperwork bundles, faded writing etc.
  • Online orders are far more adaptable, making it more straightforward to add/remove goods and express special requests.

Adding an online ordering system can free up a lot more time for you to engage in the training of your staff, solicit client opinions, and improve the entire eating experience. The restaurant and retail store business is getting more and more fully digital. All established and prospective restaurateurs and retail store owners must devote a little of their energy to enhancing their internet presence to stay ahead of this trend. Placing orders to their suppliers and distributors via a wholesale ordering platform and providing an online ordering system for their customers to place orders is a terrific way to accomplish both.

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