Step by Step Guide to Mastering Returns Processing in 2022

Step by Step Guide to Mastering Returns Processing in 2022

Companies that aim to deliver comprehensive and engaging post-purchase experiences are the ones that will succeed in the post-pandemic era. Making it easy to order online, reorder online, and equally easy to return a product online, will be the brands that build loyal customers and win in the long run.
Brands that power customer acquisition by setting clear delivery expectations, increase their sales with confidence. Through engaging, on-brand tracking experiences alongside proactive communications, you can drive higher lifetime value and revenue. You can build customer loyalty through personalized experiences and messaging, unmatched consumer choice, and unlimited convenience. This delivers the experiences that create brand enthusiasts. If you develop operational excellence and access data to fully understand shipment and carrier statuses, visibility into inventory volumes and warehouse logistics; you drastically reduce the “where is my order” (WISMO) calls, and lower logistical and customer care costs.

“51% of online shoppers say that they avoid retailers with a strict return policy.”

Returns are a real issue for B2B eCommerce. Many online shops deal with more returns than a brick-and-mortar shop. Since profits are thin, this could have a negative impact if not handled well. Master your return processing by following these 3 steps:

  • Build your return policy
    The benefits of having a visible, easy-to-understand return policy include increased conversions and purchases, encourages repeat purchases, lowers cost of customer acquisition and increases a customer’s lifetime value.
  • Communicate your return policy
    The key to communicating your return policy is integrating it throughout your customer’s journey. Many innovative businesses have recognized that a customer-centric return policy is more than a customer service tool, instead, if used well, it becomes a powerful marketing tool.
  • Automate your returns
    Reverse logistics can become a pain point for any eCommerce business. Businesses need to account for the cost of restocking/discarding the items being sent back to a vendor, as well as the human labor that goes into these operations. Returns will become much simpler if you consider automating parts or some of the manual processes. Establishing a standard process for the handling of returns truly helps streamline your business.
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