B2B clients today anticipate being able to communicate with your business via social media, your websites, and in-person visits. Furthermore, they anticipate the same regularity and ease of use in their business purchasing decisions as they do in their shopping.

Customers need a more comprehensive selection, quicker response times, and customized omnichannel engagement. Because of this, businesses and distributors using various systems and sophisticated procedures cannot satisfy the needs through the integration of their CRM such as Sales Force. NetSymm enables you to sell more effectively and quickly respond to changing market conditions.

What does B2B omnichannel mean?

An omnichannel customer experience platform lets businesses deliver a unified customer engagement across all media. Using any channel, you may access real-time customer data thanks to omnichannel systems. To deliver an experience your customers will love means we need to make products and services available to customers through their chosen sales channels. In other words, B2B businesses must reach out to clients where they are. 

Transforming Omnichannel B2B Sales

NetSymm was established with businesses, suppliers, and retailers in mind. Our all-inclusive yet flexible platform combines offline and online B2B sales, allowing for comprehensive omnichannel strategy, production, and execution. 

The difficulties of disjointed procedures and variable customer experiences may be alleviated by establishing a frictionless B2B sales environment. Many factors are necessary for the B2B sales environment.

A single modular platform

You can do all things like mobile order taking, retail performance, B2B eCommerce, and order administration by a single modular platform (using NetSymm Salesperson app)

DIY configuration 

To achieve the best sales agility, you need DIY configuring catalogs, promotions, prices that are customer centric, fast syncing to applications with no software release.

A single management interface

Give an integrated buying experience across B2B contact points through a single management interface, which streamlines management.

Simplify rep onboarding

With off-the-shelf smartphones, mobility-optimized infrastructure, and simple user interface, you can streamline the onboarding of your sales reps,  increase performance, and reduce support costs.

Seamless two-way integration

A seamless two-way connection with any back-office system such as QuickBooks or Sage is possible across all platforms and tools using a range of APIs and extensions.

Scalable cloud platform

A flexible cloud platform built on enterprise design may handle vast volumes of data, which offloads IT activities.

B2B Full Stack Sales

Utilize a single platform to control mobile order taking for sales reps, retail execution for store and restaurant buyers via the NetSymm Buyer App, van sales via our NetSymm Delivery app, and eCommerce. It will help you to boost your business sales. 

Optimized for Mobility

Web and native mobile apps for both iOS and Android) that is optimized for mobility and works flawlessly both online and off.

Superior Flexibility

You may modify omnichannel sales techniques at the speed of business with DIY configuration.

Integration Swiftness

Your back office can use a robust architecture and third-party apps for all B2B sales channels.

NetSymm has a group of apps to help you! It is the most effective approach for you to handle your orders whether it is via your sales rep, your delivery person or the end buyer at the retail store or restaurant. You’ll start maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors as soon as you install the app—less food waste results from fewer errors, which also means happy customers. 

Learn more about NetSymm – book a demo and get a free 60-day trial. No credit card is required.

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