NetSymm Buyer App Now Available for Download
Via the App Store or Google Play
Food production companies are struggling to open their own B2B online distribution channel. They are doing it for B2C but haven’t yet started doing this for B2B.

In order to adapt to todays’ market changes and labor shortages, producers must switch to conducting business from face-to-face to online.

With NetSymm, you can offer your distribution, retail, and restaurant buyers the convenience of a B2C-like experience, through an eCommerce app that they can download on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device, browse their supplier’s catalogs, and place their orders online 24X7.

Going digital will give your customers the convenience of online ordering as well as give you a competitive market advantage — as B2B businesses that sell online are 15% more profitable than those that don’t.

Set your business up for future growth, through your new NetSymm Buyer, our new B2B eCommerce app.

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