What you can do in the next 30 days to get massive results?
When you think about order process automation, think about the relief your staff will get from taking orders over the phone or taking orders from email and inputting them into your ERP system. Think about all the errors you currently are experiencing due to manual data entry, and envision a more efficient supply chain.
So how do you get going? Before you start with an eCommerce platform, do some house cleaning. Update all your product SKUs, pricing, and customer data in your backend ERP so when a solution is implemented, you are ready to go.
For the eCommerce order automation platform, look for a user-friendly system that is easy to use from anywhere, anytime, that is on the cloud, and easily integrates with your ERP system. Find a system that can get product catalog information in real-time and display that to your customers with customer-specific pricing. Look for a system that is secure and scalable as your customer base grows. Customers can have accounts and should be able to log in and place orders from desktop, tablet, or mobile. Customers should have the flexibility to reorder easily and initiate returns easily. Customers should have a way to review open invoices and make payments on the go. They should have the ability to look at order history and reorder based on that. And give your customers all their orders placed in one view.
At the end of the day, it’s all about making it self-serve, so your customers are delighted, and turn into loyal lifelong customers, who keep wanting to come back for more.

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