Exceptional Returns Management is No Longer Optional

Exceptional Returns Management is No Longer Optional

E-commerce returns have long been a thorn in the side of e-commerce fulfillment. Suppliers focus on what’s going out the door and traditionally pay little attention to what comes back in. Now, however, customers demand that the retail brands they support have a free and easy returns process for goods purchased online..

Did you know consumers expect to return more than $761 billion in goods bought online in 2022?

Online sellers need to integrate returns management capabilities seamlessly into fulfillment operations. So if you
  • Take more than 72 hours to process a return and issue a refund or
  • Don’t have enough staff to dedicate labor to returns processing or
  • Get a lot of customer service complaints about returns
it is time to consider using a B2B eCommerce platform that seamlessly handles returns.

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