Ditching paper and manual systems is the way to go!

Ditching paper and manual systems is the way to go!

Some companies want more analytics, AI and ML from their Supply Chain Management (SCM) software, but others are still working to ditch their manual, spreadsheet and paper-based approaches to supply chain management in favor of more automated, technology-based systems. The current labor shortage is one driver of this trend.

As a result, companies once reluctant to adopt technology and automate processes—and didn’t want to be seen as “taking away” jobs from individuals—are now changing course and moving in a more automated direction. This, in turn, is driving interest in SCM software ranging from very basic applications like order automation to more sophisticated platforms.

If you are a food supplier or distributor, consider starting with the low hanging fruit, such as automating your order process. NetSymm helps by doing just that.

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