Technology continues to greatly impact supply chain operations. It provides business insights and increases operational efficiencies that once required many hours of tedious manual labor. Global trends are creating customer demand for constant innovation and have the power to dramatically change the manufacturing landscape. Three trends we are seeing globally today:

  1. 74% of manufacturers believe smart manufacturing is on the rise and are redesigning their manufacturing organizations.
  2. By 2024, half of the factory work will be done remotely, impacting job families, and shifting schedules.
  3. Digital is a key priority for most supply chain leaders, but less than half have a plan to implement a supply chain digital transformation roadmap.

Start Creating the Supply Chain of the Future…

There’s a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers and their distribution partners to implement technology that’s more accessible, better at collecting critical data, and connecting people via integrated capabilities. With information stored in the cloud, data becomes more accessible across your business and functional areas. You expand access to your business—from remote locations and on mobile devices. 

Transforming to digital, cloud-enabled technology is proven to drive growth, mitigate risk, and optimize costs. Start with order automation from your customers. Give them an easy way to place orders online and give them the visibility in the supply chain that they deserve.

Emerging digital innovations like artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, big data/data lakes, and the Internet of Things support a more transparent, automated, intelligent, and orchestrated end-to-end supply chain.  –  Gartner Digital Supply Chain Report

Take Your Business Digital

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