B2B Brands Using Netsymm

B2B Brands Using Netsymm

B2B companies will want an eCommerce system that satisfies their customers’ needs to compete in the upcoming years. After all, the worldwide B2B eCommerce industry reached $12 trillion in 2019 and is now more than six times bigger than the B2C business. Why are numerous B2B businesses still hesitant to enter the world of eCommerce when there are so many opportunities and a great deal at risk? It is not simple to start with. You confront several difficulties as a B2B brand:

  • Maintaining extensive inventories with a lot of product
  • supplying pricing estimates for large purchases.
  • Modifying orders.
  • Arranging complex transactions.
  • Giving choices for payment.
  • Internal system integration
  • Delivering large orders in a timely and reliable manner.
  • Delivering first-rate customer service.

Fortunately, finding the proper eCommerce solution may help you overcome each of these obstacles and do the following:

  • Immediately put your B2B business online.
  • Meet the demands of today’s contemporary B2B buyers, and
  • Expand your business.

Many B2B companies have seen excellent eCommerce success and elevated to the top of their respective industries. Several B2B companies are finding success by incorporating a B2C element into their operations. 

Let’s look at companies that are doing B2B e-commerce well.


ResMed is a global linked health firm that monitors everyday remote patients with more than Nine million cloud-connected phones. They handle all their B2B orders over the call or via email before switching to an internet sales approach. Then they recorded all these orders on spreadsheets. It led to several operational difficulties. 

When companies moved to the NetSymm eCommerce platform, they could obtain the sophisticated features and capabilities their unique B2B firm needed without risking the extended periods generally required to design for such intricacies. The fact that ResMed can now offer wholesalers login-only access, build customer groups and customer pricing lists, run promotions, conveniently monitor inventory, as well as provide store credit is what truly sets them apart.

Malabar Foods

A manufacturer of packaging and containers on a global scale is Malabar Foods. They needed to focus on offering a first-rate client experience while they developed their e-commerce site. The site’s functionality makes it simple for B2B buyers to browse the business’s extensive product inventory using faceted search and presenting items using high-resolution pictures and detailed product information. A wide range of criteria, like material type, color, form, capacity, purpose, and more, are available for customers to use to focus their search.

Good Start Packaging

Businesses may purchase biodegradable goods and sustainable packaging from Good Start Packaging. To provide B2B customers with a B2C-like buying experience, the firm redesigned its web. 

The new version had a modern design, online chat, high-quality product photos, product descriptions, and simple navigation. With simple filters that let customers dig deeper by brand, material, product measurements, and cold or warm food, Good Start Packaging added dynamic research.

NetSymm app is the most effective approach for you to handle your orders in light of this. You’ll begin maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors as soon as you download the app. You may also Book a demo to learn more about NetSymm.

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