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More and more organizations across the globe are adopting eInvoicing solutions. This is partially due to legislation in certain countries, making it a legal requirement to invoice electronically. The growth in eInvoicing can also be explained by the fact that many businesses want to spend less time on repetitive tasks, improve traceability and ensure that accurate, reliable information is sent to their customers.

eInvoicing makes AP a more strategic function

Automate critical processes

Scale business operations more easily and improve productivity of the AP department. Reduce exception management and errors.

Manage working capital & cash flow

Use real-time data to optimize spending, negotiate better prices, and capture more discounts offered by your suppliers.

Reduce risks

Improve internal controls, reducing the potential for fraud and mistakes, and enhance invoice audit capabilities. You can automate routine tasks and — freeing the humans up to do what they do best.

Reduce Costs

According to consulting firm Billentis, compared to conventional paper invoicing, automated eInvoicing will result in 50–60% cost savings.

Improve Visibility and Traceability

Reduce visibility and traceability of invoices. Link invoices to purchase orders and shipment notifications.

Improve Supplier and Customer Relationships

Free your team to think and work strategically. Automating and having access to eInvoicing improves the supplier customer relationship.

Accelerate Your Transition to Digital Supply Chains

As a part of your digital transformation initiatives, it is imperative to automate processes related to both order management, order fulfillment and supplier collaboration.

To learn more about how a cloud-based supply chain system and eInvoicing can help you improve your business processes contact us at any time.

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