realtime inventor

Simplify your inventory management

Several factors contribute to making real-time inventory complex. Large retailers have a lot of stores and distribution centers—many national chains operate more than 1,000 store locations and dozens of distribution centers. Even if you are small to medium sized retailer – you probably still have the same problem. Your suppliers and distributors cannot easily see what stock you have on hand.

For retailers that do not know in real-time what their stores have in stock, there is a lost opportunity cost, with potentially empty shelves – causing customers to go elsewhere. In addition, retailers are not sure when is the best time to reorder a specific item.

This is why modern retailers, both big and small, are turning to real-time inventory systems to optimize their inventory and supply-chain logistics — which in turn delivers a better customer experience.

Learn how NetSymm supports real-time inventory management by ensuring data consistency in the supply chain. Contact our experts today to learn more.

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