Why 70% of Food and Beverage Suppliers will fail by 2023?

Why 70% of Food and Beverage Suppliers will fail by 2023?

Why 70% of Food and Beverage Suppliers will fail by 2023
If they don’t move to a B2B e-Commerce platform?
What can your food and beverage business do to overcome today’s industry challenges?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to know your buyers and what challenges you’re up against. According to our latest research on B2B purchasing:
  • On average, B2B buyers in the food and beverage industry report that they make over 428 business-critical purchases or orders each day.
  • 44% most frequently turn to a supplier’s e-commerce site as the channel of choice when placing these orders.
  • But unfortunately, nearly 1/5 of those buyers face online order errors every day.
  • Only 48% of industry buyers feel their expectations of suppliers’ websites are met to a great extent, with the other half reporting expectations are only somewhat, very little, or not at all met.

In the food and beverage space, excellent time and information management are essential to a strong customer experience and seamless purchase journey, as well as reducing waste and improving the quality of delivered perishable goods. Buyers need to know when products are available for ordering and when they will be delivered. With the right, data-rich and reliable site, your business can offer just that.

F&B companies need to move from an old-fashioned web store to an online sales portal that is fully integrated with the source of all your vital business data and logic: your ERP.
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