Top 5 metrics For best-in-class supply chain operations
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Top 5 metrics For best-in-class supply chain operations

As suppliers and distributors continue to strive to fulfill orders accurately and on-time, there are 5 key
metrics best-in-class operations pay attention to. Evaluate how your operation stacks up.

1. Order receipt accuracy and notification

This measures the accuracy of the order process, helping prevent errors prior to shipment. Best-in-class operations achieve more than 99.9% order receipt and notification accuracy.

2. Order shipment per customer order

The percentage of orders which shipped completely, meaning that all line/units ship with the order per agreement between the customer and shipper. Best-in-class operations ship completed orders more than 99.56% of the time.

3. Percentage of orders with on-time delivery

This is the percentage of orders that arrive at their destination at the agreed upon time. Best-in-class operations deliver more than 99.48% of orders on time.

4. Correct documentation

This is the percent of total orders for which the customers received an accurate invoice and other required documents. Best-in-class operations provide over 99.8% of orders with correct documentation.

5. Inventory Count Accuracy

Accuracy of physical inventory in relation to inventory reported in enterprise systems. Best-in-class operations achieve a 99.9% match of physical inventory to reported inventory.

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