If you want to move the needle and find out three things successful businesses are aware of today, here they are:
First and foremost, successful businesses know that they need to automate tedious manual processes such as managing orders coming in from their customers; while other businesses still struggle with receiving paper, email or spreadsheet orders.
Second, successful businesses realize that there is an ongoing staffing challenge as a result of the great resignation and labor shortages, and are thus replacing people with automated processes and moving their staff to more value-added tasks to improve the customer experience. Other businesses are not prepared for this, and manual processes continue to be the status quo, draining their resources and valuable time.
Third, successful businesses know that they have to start somewhere with automation. They target the low-hanging fruit, such as invoicing, and workflows related to external data to ERP systems. Other businesses have no idea where to start and are overwhelmed.
So remember, if you are working way too many hours per week, spend a few minutes making sure your order process is digitized and working for your growth.
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