The eCommerce boom is a key driver in Supply Chain Software

The eCommerce boom is a key driver in Supply Chain Software

The shift to online shopping is another driver of supply chain uncertainty right now, and it’s pushing companies to reimagine their distribution networks. When eCommerce was in its infancy, for example, a retailer with six DCs was likely planning store replenishments to support the 95% of their business that was taking place in physical stores. Because that approach doesn’t work in the current environment, companies are deploying more platforms that help support dynamic decision-making and ensure that the right product is in the right place and at the right time.

Companies need a single source of truth to support fast decision-making, which is why we’re seeing a greater demand for more platform-type solutions. eCommerce platforms that consolidate a lot of information in one place and provide meaningful, real-time insights are the way to go.

Ease of integration and access to readily-architected platforms makes them all that much more attractive.

Providing that seamless experience has become even more important due to the global pandemic and the long-term impacts that it’s had on supply chains and consumer buying habits. Before the pandemic emerged, for example, Gopalakrishnan says the desire to ship from store and/or use urban fulfillment was there, but few companies were acting on it and most were envisioning five-year planning horizons.

The pandemic changed all of that. Suddenly everyone had to shut down their stores, muscle through, and figure out a strategy. As a result, we’ve seen more interest from companies that want to optimize their existing supply chain software and also leverage new functionalities that support their eCommerce activities.

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