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What’s trending in 2021?

The importance of collaboration with suppliers, co-manufacturers, customers, carriers, and distributors has never been more important. Companies will focus in 2021 on strengthening their business networks. In 2020, companies discovered that their legacy enterprise-centric systems no longer work “good enough”, so in 2021 they will need platforms to support tight collaborative workflows around orders, shipments, ETAs, and inventories in real-time.

As collaboration and improved information flow eliminate errors and inefficiencies, all sides can reduce costs and improve their competitiveness by linking businesses together. And you will be able to onboard and offboard suppliers more quickly, as needed.

NetSymm is an eCommerce platform that automates your orders and invoices, displays real-time inventory, provides a collaboration platform, and sends real-time updates on orders and shipment status. All this can be done 24X7 using any device.

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