Run your business on NetSymm’s B2B Ecommerce platform

Run your business on NetSymm’s B2B Ecommerce platform

Accelerate your growth with an online marketplace 

The truth is your sales potential is heavily dependent on what kind of wholesale B2B eCommerce platform you select. After all, a customer’s shopping experience can only be as good as the technology supporting it.

Here are the nine critical functions that a wholesale B2B eCommerce platform should offer.

1.One Platform with multi-channel data syncing

Consolidate B2B orders from multiple sources onto a single B2B eCommerce platform.  Automate your orders into your ERP such as QuickBooks or Sage. 

Shoppers bounce from device to device and channel to channel. They research before picking up a phone or buying. They’re out there … watching, waiting, and listening. So syncing data is important.

2. Ease of Purchasing

Make purchasing quick and easy by supporting repeat and bulk online ordering using the NetSymm Buyer app downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Order from any device on the go.

3.Simplified Billing

Give customers online capabilities to view their account balance, pay invoices and check order status.

4.Real-time visibility of Orders and Inventory 

Making your wares available on multiple platforms brings in an average 190% more sales than single-channel. 

But this could be a management and execution nightmare for your operation.

With NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform, you can manage and view orders from multiple channels all in one place whether they are coming from NetSymm or from other marketplaces like Faire, WooCommerce, Amazon or Walmart. 

You can get real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility using the NetSymm B2B eCommerce platform.

5.Back-end Third Party integrations

Whether it is automating the orders into your backend ERP or accounting system such as QuickBooks or Sage; or connecting to a shipping provider or sending automated email campaigns via MailChimp, the ease of back-end integrations is key. The NetSymm B2B eCommerce platform has rest-based APIs so integrations are easy.

6.Content Marketing Capabilities

Content marketing is nothing new. Coca-Cola has been using it for decades and today, content still plays largely the same role. It increases brand awareness and recognition while nurturing leads along the sales process. NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform has a text and email feature, where suppliers and distributors can quickly schedule and send campaigns to inform customers of sales and advertise new products. This can help you run promotions, such as “buy two get one free” when you want to get rid of excess inventory or soon-to-be expired products.

7.Catalog Browsing and Search Functionality

How often do you use the endless drop-down menus on Amazon to find what you’re looking for? Probably never. It’s cumbersome when there are so many products available. 

Time is of essence. Searching for products by name, even if that name isn’t 100% accurate, typically provides a faster result than going from menu to submenu. NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform has a dynamic search engine that our customers love along with the multi-level category, subcategory, and sub-subcategory search feature.

Retail store or restaurant buyers can login to the NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform and search and browse food and beverage products from multiple supplier and distributor catalogs. Buyers can also browse by product brand name.

8.Buyer-specific Price Lists

Choose a platform that allows you to have buyer-specific catalogs and pricing, and set up sales, which are straight percentage discounts; as well as multi-level tiered pricing for volume discounts with ease.

NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform simplifies your product pricing management for wholesale selling.

9.Mobile Optimization

More people browse the internet, search, and visit websites on mobile devices than desktops. Having a mobile-friendly site is a no-brainer. Most do. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a responsive website, optimized to help customers making more mobile purchasing decisions.

NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform has a NetSymm Buyer app that is freely downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.

To summarize

At NetSymm, our mission is to help food and beverage suppliers and distributors process every order every time. 

As a supplier, you can manage your product catalog and pricing with ease. You can categorize products into multi-level product categories, create custom price-lists, add volume pricing, sale pricing and create promotions. 

And there is more. We have three new features to help you grow your business! You can find new buyers that are in our buyer database, Cross-sell items during cart checkout, and email or text your customers anytime!

You deserve a B2B commerce platform where your customers can place wholesale orders 24×7 online, from any device – phone, tablet, or desktop, with ease, and reliability.  

Don’t miss a single order.  Run your business with NetSymm’s B2B eCommerce platform.

Contact us today to see a demo.

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