If you are a supplier or distributor, some familiar questions you get from your customers before they make a purchase decision are – What items are available to ship? Are there any promos going on? What is my discounted price? Are there any new products in your catalog? These are some of the things that all buyers are concerned about before making a purchase decision.
After the purchase is complete, most buyers want to know – Where is my order? And when will I receive it?
In an absence of a B2B eCommerce platform, suppliers get endless calls on from their customers. With an online system, customers can login and see promos, new items, order history, reorder easily and get order status online. They can even see items available to ship from available inventory. Suppliers and distributors can update the status as the order as it moves from created, to in progress, to shipped, to delivered, to invoiced. Buyers can also see all open invoices and make payments online.
Having an online ecommerce platform just simplifies everything for the buyer and the seller. By providing your buyers an online system that is available 24×7, customers can self-serve themselves, and your sales team can free themselves up, by not having to manually type in orders into your ERP system. An online eCommerce system that is in the cloud is reliable, secure, and scalable as your customer base and product catalog grows.
As global shortages continue, supply chain visibility is key. Are you considering a B2B eCommerce order platform to help keep your customers informed? Contact us today.

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