SMB Suppliers & Distributors need help staying competitive. Automating order entry is 10x faster, saves paper, and results in increased profits.
Look at three current stats:
  • First, the modern B2B buyer expects much from the companies they do business with. 89% of B2B buyers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services based on a Salesforce report.
  • Second, going digital increases productivity and efficiency. In fact, high digital-quotient (DQ) companies generate five times the average compounded annual growth rate based on a McKinsey report.
  • Third, going digital gives 8% higher shareholder returns than their lower-performing competitors based on a McKinsey report.
source B2B eCommerce Trends & Strategy in 2020: Modern B2B Buyers.

Most people understand how the technology works; however, they are missing how the technology applies in a way that makes it useful to their growth.

Digitize your B2B order process today and grow your sales.

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