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Are you the owner or CXO of a food manufacturing or distribution company that wants to be the greenest and most socially responsible company in the country and grow your revenue year over year?

If you provide a superb online ordering experience to your retailers with excellent customer service every single day, they will not only remain loyal to you – but also recommend you to others!

Entering orders manually is error-prone, repetitive, and tedious. On the other hand, receiving orders online 24X7 that go directly into your ERP or accounting system is better, faster, and easier.

Sending your customer’s order and shipment status results in a better customer experience. Updating inventory counts as orders come in means more accurate inventory management for your business. And more orders flowing in automatically means an increase in your bottom line!

Learn how you can eliminate paper, be green, and save tons of time and money with NetSymm Order Express.

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