Food suppliers and distributors are moving to eCatalog software to simplify online customer ordering. When customers have access to easy online ordering, they will pay more attention to those suppliers and distributors than others. There are many factors and features involved in wholesale B2B online ordering. Without these features, the customer will face difficulty in ordering. 

This article discusses the essential features needed in eCatalog software for food suppliers and distributors.

Stunning, interactive presentation

High resolution

High-resolution photos make it possible to examine a product’s texture in greater detail, bringing your items to life. Your customer will order the food by viewing their picture, so the high-resolution photos will significantly impact your sales.

Multiple views

Offer unique product innovation and marketing via various view choices, such as thumbnails, filmstrips, and single product views with manuscript flips.


Every product in your eCatalog may have a product specification booklet attached, giving customers all the details they require to make a purchase. It makes it easy for the customers to decide on the menu.


Make little room for creativity by using marketing movies in your eCatalog to demonstrate how your main items may be worn or utilized. It will draw the attention of the customers to your menu.

Simple navigation & order taking


Quickly select any variety of item attributes using intelligent search and restaurant filters, for instance. All the items on sale fall within a specific price range. 

Variant views

With the one and two-dimensional array view, you can quickly focus on all products variation, such as color and size.


With the help of NetSymm eCatalog software, salespeople may mark goods as favorites for easy access while interacting with clients.

Order taking

Give your customers and market sales representatives the ability to place orders using a built-in, B2C-style shopping cart efficiently.

Optimized to boost your sales 

Multiple Catalogs

Make different catalogs for food exhibitions, B2B clients, markets, currencies, and seasons. There are no limitations.

Sort to sell

The eCatalog products need to be organized by categories and pricing to boost profits, stock level to maximize stock, and prior customer sales to facilitate reordering. New products, sale products and promotional products should be easy to access.

Special offers

With NetSymm, items on sale or promotions are clearly visible on the website. 

Product set

The increase in order value by promoting complementary goods creates a cohesive combination.

Inventory levels

To prevent back orders, items that are out of stock or below specified inventory levels can be made inactive in your eCatalog so they don’t show up when customers browse.

Web & mobile, offline & online

A native mobile app

NetSymm supports any device whether mobile, tablet or desktop since it is a native application.

Any tablet device-BYOB

Your sales representatives use any iOS or Android mobile tablet device –  your customer may own an Apple or an Android smartphone – the eCatalog is rendered accordingly.

Publish to your B2B e-commerce storefront

Use a website or a mobile storefront app to distribute your eCatalogs to B2B customers.

The NetSymm Buyer App is the most effective method to handle your orders. You will begin saving time and minimizing errors when you download the software. It will help your restaurant and retail shop to grow quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in simplifying your order process and are tired of dealing with spreadsheets for multiple supplier orders, then download the NetSymm Buyer app today from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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