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Spreadsheets were never designed to be dynamic

Upgrade your operations with real-time visibility and collaboration Leaders today constantly face the pressure of making better decisions, faster. Unfortunately, many teams still find themselves: Waiting for critical updates Searching for missing data Relying on outdated or incomplete information At … Read More

Exceptional Returns Management is No Longer Optional

E-commerce returns have long been a thorn in the side of e-commerce fulfillment. Suppliers focus on what’s going out the door and traditionally pay little attention to what comes back in. Now, however, customers demand that the retail brands they … Read More

Ditching paper and manual systems is the way to go!

Some companies want more analytics, AI and ML from their Supply Chain Management (SCM) software, but others are still working to ditch their manual, spreadsheet and paper-based approaches to supply chain management in favor of more automated, technology-based systems. The … Read More

Why digitalization is critical for restaurant and grocery store buyers

With COVID-19 disrupting daily life as we know it, the two years have been challenging for the restaurant and grocery store industry. It’s critical that the food industry now adapts to the “new normal.” As restaurants and grocery stores continue … Read More

Create a seamless shopping experience for customers

As much as supply chain tension is top of mind for you, it doesn’t have to be for your customers. Being transparent with inventory levels can help manage customer expectations early in their shopping journey. NetSymm can show what is … Read More

Why businesses should invest in logistics technology now more than ever

It’s not about just trying to keep up with Amazon. In a Covid-era world, logistics is more important than ever for a brand to survive. The need for robust technology investment is critical. In order to stay competitive in a … Read More

Three things successful food and beverage companies know to optimize their supply chain

If you want to move the needle and find out three things successful businesses are aware of today, here they are:First and foremost, successful businesses know that they need to automate tedious manual processes such as managing orders coming in … Read More

Successful Food and Beverage companies prevent slowdowns by building redundancies in their supply chain

There are a number of very real threats to every company’s supply chain, like a natural disaster, or a major facility accident. Today, the number and types of threats that can undermine a supply chain are greater than ever, and … Read More

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