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Hello, We Are Netsymm!

NetSymm provides a cloud-based business-to-business platform to connect enterprises to their suppliers and customers globally.
With NetSymm, enterprises automate their sales and procurement processes and have visibility throughout their supply chain.

Hello We Are Netsymm
NetSymm cloud

NetSymm Cloud

NetSymm provides a cloud-based eCommerce platform to connect enterprises to their suppliers and customers globally.
NetSymm Sales Automation

NetSymm Sales Automation

Transfer POs from buyer to the supplier ERP as a sales order. VIew transactions in real time. Synchronize price lists, inventory levels, product information and customer information from Supplier ERP. Get notifications on order status and delivery details and electronic invoices
NetSymm ProcurementAutomation

NetSymm Procurement Automation

Automate document exchange with your suppliers, ask questions on your orders; with this, companies can automate their procurement processes and have visibility across their supply chain
NetSymm Collaboration Portal

NetSymm Collaboration Portal

A PROPRIETERY platform for document sharing and internal and external collaboration. Enables information aggregation; document management, deal and PO uploads; access control by user role; and integration of enterprise applications

Current Supply Chain Problems

Large Call



error prone process



Duplicate Data Entry



EDI And Supplier Portals


Automated Approaches

NetSymm solves these problems

We Are a Supply Chain Collaboration

Efficient Order Management Systems automate as well as collaborate. With collaboration, companies can:

  • Share documents easily
  • Follow and respond to issues
  • Communicate with customers in real-time
  • Cultivate positive relationships
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

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